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Mounting NTFS from Linux gotchas

NTFS support more features than Windows supports. Among these are case sensitivity, long paths and some extra characters in the file names.

Among Linux users who use NTFS there are two types.
The first one are users that for some reason decided to store their linux files on NTFS.
The second one are users that want to share files with Windows.

When you mount an NTFS partition on Linux it will by default assume you belong to the first type of users.

For the rest of us here are two mount flags


This one is more a nice to have.
Files that start with a dot like “.ssh” is hidden in Linux. This flag adds the hidden attribute to those files so they also become hidden in Windows.


This is a critical one. It prevents you from using filenames that are not valid in Windows.

This is a very important flag since the reason we are writing files to NTFS is to have them accessible from Windows.


Make sure your mount command for NTFS partitions at least always includes.

mount ... -o hide_dot_files,windows_names